Workshop prices

Ticket prices are in Euros but you can see how many Icelandic krónur (ISK) that is. It's better to book early as the prices increase as we get closer to the workshop also we have very limited seating so make sure you get yours today.

Ticket type Booked in Price
Early birdy Until April 10th 120 EUR (~ 19.900 ISK)
Plain vanilla After April 10th 150 EUR (~ 24.900 ISK)

SVEF members get a 30 EUR discount

SVEF members (Icelandic Web Industry Association members) are wonderful people which is why they get a 30 EUR discount of workshop tickets. If you live in Iceland and work/study in the web industry you are welcome to join.  The annual fee is 2.000 ISK / 13 EUR. You get discounts to all our events plus various deals and fun stuff.

Registration brought to you by Stage Online Event Management

Big thanks to the amazing people at Stage & Linking Paths for helping us sell tickets and manage the entire registration process.

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