Iceweb Lite


IceWeb light is a diet version of the popular IceWeb Conference. As usual it's held in Reykjavik Iceland.

This year our only focus is on Internet Marketing analysis, testing and improvements so we're bringing in Kjell-Morten and Thor Eie to conduct a full day workshop. View program

Tickets start at 120 EUR (~19.900 ISK)

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Does everybody in your organization have an opinion about the website and what you should focus on? Are these opinions based on gut feelings, personal taste and lack of understanding? Using hard facts you can win these discussions.

With practical tasks and hands on examples, Kjell-Morten and Thor will show who you how you can govern your website using measurements, testing and analysis. They will also show some useful methods and tools for testing and measurement.

In this full day workshop you'll learn:

  • How to understand your users better
  • Defining strategic goals for your website
  • Translating the strategic goals to actions
  • Methods to measure if your website does what it's supposed to
  • Managing further development and refining using insights and knowledge

How much are we talking?

The workshop is 120 EUR (~19.900 ISK) each. Book early to get the best deal.

Take a closer look at the prices

SVEF (The Icelandic Web Industry Association), a non profit organization, is hosting the event. SVEF's mission is to try and keep prices as low as possible. Informational / social support performed by SE Ranking.

SVEF members get a 30 EUR discount of the conference tickets. SE Ranking users registered before March, 1 2013 enjoy extra 10 EURO discount.

What? Is this event in Iceland?

Yeah, how cool is that! This whole thing goes down in Reykjavík. Check out the venue for further info

So what are you waiting for? Start nagging your boss about coming!

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